About me

I was born in Maidenhead in 1944, just at the end of World War 11. We lived on the edge of the famous Maidenhead Thicket. Surrounded as I was by fields, trees and blackthorn hedges, I was a child of nature.
An early memory is of my Father. He worked in the aircraft industry at White Waltham. One day, unusually, he came rushing home at lunchtime on his bike in great excitement. “Come quickly into the field” he cried. Mum and I hurried over the back fence into the field and we all stood and waited. In a few moments an aircraft flew silently over, then a second later there was a bang. “That plane was going faster than the speed of sound” Dad told us. He’d been working on the project and finally they’d got it right. Years later I learned about the ‘sonic boom’ and the problems they’d had getting to Mach 1.
I also remember a reporter coming to see us from a national newspaper because my Brother had seen a UFO in that same field.
I was always interested in metaphysics, reading every book on the subject that I could get hold of. At the ripe old age of 14 years I was reading Morey Bernsteins book ‘The Search for Bridey Murphy’.  It was a factual account of a hypnotic regression at a party (not to be recommended) who remembered her previous lifetime in Ireland in the 1800’s. This lady had never been outside America and yet here she was speaking with a strong Irish brogue and giving details about her Irish family and the place where she lived as Bridey.
This was a real breakthrough for me to read this, because I always knew I’d had many lives and here it was in black and white! “This is it” I thought, (at the ripe old age of fourteen) “this is the way to help people” and at that moment I knew I would be a Hypnotherapist. But it would be a few years before I fulfilled that aspect of my destiny. After marrying and raising my children I started  training and began my professional life in the 1980’s.
Coming to the present time, I live in Bournemouth. My partner, Alan Davidson, and I run The Hypnotherapy Centre. He also teaches Hypnotherapy to first year students on a 3 year course. I love animals and have two very small dogs with very big personalities – they run our lives!
My Brother, Robert, (who saw the UFO) is also a Hypnotherapist. He has three very busy practices in New Jersey. He is also a Writer, his books are listed on my ‘News’ page. My Sister, Sheila, also a Hypnotherapist now lives in Spain. Professional conferences were like family conventions for us! 
I am grateful to have had some wonderful teachers. Osho, Seth, Ram Das, Thadeus Golas to name just a few. Thank You for your wisdom, dear ones, I am trying to be a worthy student. 
I know I'm sticking my neck out here, but I believe that many (if not all) people with New Age consciousness have been 'contacted'. I have had several such experiences on a conscious level, but I feel I've had many more contacts that I am not consciously aware of.
One day I will tell the story of the Saturday afternoon, while in deep sleep  I had several 'people' around my bed. The main one was 'working' on my throat which - ultimateley- was to change my life. A few weeks later there was blood on my pillow ... ... ...

Contact me on 01202 423111 or email hypnosounds@yahoo.co.uk