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Magical Sounds CD      


Hear the harmonics of the Angels as your chakras are balanced and you just lie back and relax.

I was inspired by Diana Cooper's book '2012 And Beyond' and was told whilst in meditation that the Angels would give me their sounds. This is a CD that Spirit guided me to make, Diana loves it and says it has a wonderful energy. Already I'm getting reports of remarkable healing.

 Diana Cooper says: "A friend of mine has just produced a stunning CD called Magical Sounds.  She has taken information from my book about the 12 chakras then put the sounds of the tuning forks to them to bring in the angels."

 Gay Lansbury sent me her comments about 'Magical Sounds' CD - Just one of the beautiful things people are saying about it already, it's only been out for a couple of weeks! - Thank you Angels: Thank you very much for my 'missing note  G' playing as I type! Also your magical sounds CD is  amazing - used it whilst giving some healing to Helen ( was only going to play a bit, but ended up rooted to spot till the CD had finished)!


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 Ocean of Peace CD

In the coming together of two ancient, mighty cultures, steeped in wisdom, we can find our way forward.This is my latest

meditation CD.

The magical tones of crystal bowls harmonise with the didgeridoo and flow into the eternal OM of sacred bliss. This is deep meditation. There is very little vocal, just get into your usual meditation posture and soak up the sounds. 20 mins. Buddhist.
Buddha Saranai

Dedicated To the Spirit of the Redman. The haunting echoes of drum, flute, gong and voice evoke ancient memories. Distant rolling thunder stirs the sacred heartbeat and the visions drift like smoke from the campfire.
Again there is very little vocal, be comfortable and notice any images that come for you.
21 mins.  Shamanic.   Ho.

Here's a glowing testimonial:“Oceans of Peace embraces beautiful soothing and magical sound waves that will transport you through time and space on a delight-full journey to peace and happiness and bliss. Allow yourself to be held and supported by the wonderful mother love energy that Diana graciously transmits through her gifted weaving of voice, didgeridoo and crystal bowls. Allow the beat of the drums to awaken and strengthen your own heart, as you remember your true self. Diana is truly an Earth Mother who will awaken and nurture your soul. I LOVE this album. ”

Kimberley Lovell, Spiritual Intuitive Healer & Holistic Business Mentor

 Thank you Kimberley

And another:     "Thank you best CD I've ever heard i truly mean it thank you so much"   Thanks Ben

Also: Hi Di, Hope you and Alan enjoyed the evening as much as we all did! That CD Ocean of Peace is awesome!! Love Wendy xx

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Shamanic Frame Drums for sale:

All Fair Trade.  42cm....£45   30cm ...£35  (p+p not inc.)

Please phone me for p+p details: 01202 423111

I also paint drums. Here is 'Kokopelli' the magical player of the pipe. He brought rain to the Pueblo Indians when they were in danger of starvation through drought. He married within the tribe and his wife gave birth to a son. After that he 'disappeared', but for ever more the intermingling of his magical blood meant that the Pueblos have a special connection to the Gods.

This hand-painted drum of Kokopelli complete with bright red macaw feathers on his head (30cm) is £60






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CD's and Drums for Sale
Drums for Sale
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