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See the Shamanic Healing page for Shamanism courses. 

Learn how to use the amazing power of journeying for healing with your guides and power animals.

Using non-ordinary reality (NOR) you can heal yourself and others in ways that have been used since the beginning of time. For many thousands of years the Shaman was the healer of the tribe, at this time many of us are being called to work in the way of the Shaman. Now is the Time.

We work with Nature, understanding that the Earth is our Mother, The Sky is our Father and the Sun is our Grandfather. All that has life has consciousness and we are part of it all as it is part of us. We have the amazing sense of 'oneness' as we share the candlelight. The drum takes us into deep trance and we journey - together, but each of us in our own experience. Our connection to Spirit is growing all the time. we meet on alternate Monday evenings for four sessions. 

Basic Shamanism Courses now available:

Please go to the Shamanic Healing Page on this website for details. Paypal available.

 or feel free to call me on 01202 423111


Winter Evenings

Fancy chilling out to the sounds of magical gongs, quartz crystal bowls, Turtle People flutes, 

didgeridoos and drums?

Come and join us through the winter evenings 7.30 to 9.30ish. Usually a Monday. Just £5 each 

Phone me for dates on 01202 423111 leave your # if you get the answerphone and I'll call you ASAP.

Strange Tales and Magical Sounds In some of her talks Diane Egby- Edwards shares true stories of some strange and remarkable experiences she’s had in her life, including a surgical operation on her throat by extraterrestrials, the ghost in her bedroom and the voice that told her to hug a complete stranger.

Diane has been a Hypnotherapist and Sound Healer for over 40 years.  Crystal bowls, flutes,  didgeridoos, drums etc. are just some of her co-workers. In her talks she always uses instruments and creates the magical healing energies of HARMONICS.



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