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First and foremost: This may be one of the most important things you will ever discover......



 Q. When did you last walk on the earth (bare feet)?

 Q. When did you last sleep on the same frequency as the earth?

Unless you go barefoot daily on the earth, the chances are that it's been a long time since your body was electrically balanced. 

Once upon a time  there was no electro-pollution and we all walked barefoot and slept on the Earth Mother. In so doing the electric organs in our bodies (brain/heart etc.) were perfectly balanced. However, because most of us wear shoes in our daily lives we are cut off from the Earth's healing frequency, which is full of electrons. Inside us there are toxic free-radicals (they cause aging and illness) which are very destructive because they are desperately seeking electrons, which they can't get because we are wearing shoes. By getting earthed our body has access to all the electrons it needs so the free radicals are happy bunnies and cause no more inflammation. *Most of our modern diseases are inflammatory ones. In other words if you want to be fit, healthy and pain-free try getting EARTHED.

By Using our special equipment you can get earthed for as little as £10!


This is a picture of three blood samples from three different people. On the left are blood cells before earthing. The ones on the right are the same blood cells after just 20 minutes of the three people being earthed!

Proof positive that grounding works.





Since we have been supplying grounding accessories we have had many delighted custmers. Here is some typical feedback:

Good Morning Diane. Thank you so much for the lovely talk on Thursday in Highcliffe.

I just wanted to thank you for the earthmat, I have actually slept properly for the first time in years.
It was an expense that I couldn't really justify at this time, but I had this little voice saying 'invest in yourself' and WOW Im so pleased I did with your help.
I also hurt my back lifting furniture yesterday, by this morning it was gone.
Thank you so much.

 Marilyn says that within a short time of being earthed she felt it was much easier to breathe and easier to take deeper breaths. Her husband, who has some health problems, says that he's unable to pinpoint the benefits yet, but that he feels keen to go to bed to 'get on to his earthing mat'.

 Anne-Marie Smale (Life-Tuner) writes: "Since buying an earthmat from the wonderful Diane & Allan Egby-Edwards, my health has turned a corner for the better! I do not wake up exhausted, i sleep soundly no more racing thoughts keeping me awake, i have far more energy now than i have had in years and my concentration and focus is massively improved. My body does not ache all over which has been a painful symptom of my chronic viral fatigue and the side of my face affected by bells palsy is greatly improved since sleeping on my earthmat. The best £15 pounds i have ever spent!!" Contact Allan & Diane on facebook or email them at

"I was a bit sceptic when I first heard about the earth plug but was interested to try it after hearing about it's good effects on especially sleep quality.
I often felt tired and low in energy and my sleep wasn't great as I hadn't been able to lie on my right side for 18 months due to a compressed sciatica nerve and some inflammation in my right thigh which made it extremely uncomfortable to lie on that side and I always woke lying on my back or on my left side.

I put the bracelet on my ankle to go to sleep with as soon as I came home. The cord did not interfere at all with my sleeping although I thought it would, I just put it on the leg nearest the bedside and could then turn easily in bed if I needed to. The next morning I woke up having slept through the night in a deep sleep that I could not remember experiencing for a very long time. I was so shocked to find that I was lying on my right side I just shouted for my husband to come and look for himself! I could hardly believe it,  after 18 months! My first reaction was that it was just a coincidence but this deep sleep continued every night I used the plug, the inflammation in my leg went after a few months, and the horrible numb feeling has almost subsided completely. I really noticed the difference when I did not use the plug, in energy levels and in my leg. Thank you so much for this Diane."
Anette Herbert

...And another:

  You're going to think me a bit of an idiot, but I just had to tell you (and confess!) - last night was the first night I used the earth device all night.  Feeling that it may prevent me from sleeping (yep, I know, it's supposed to help me, but I couldn't face the thought of sleeping with a wire attached to me as I'm quite a restless and poor, sleeper) so far all I've done is attach it to my wrist for perhaps an hour at most (and that's probably pushing it) whilst reading in bed (and that's when I remember).  I've thought I've had a slightly better night even just doing this, but last night I put my brave hat on and decided to go for it - what a night's sleep!!!!  I can't remember the last time I slept so well.  And whether it's because I had a good night, or the result of that and the effects of the earth device, I feel so different today - ready for anything!  And this is after one night - I can't wait to see how I feel by the weekend .... I felt I just had to tell you, because it's so remarkable.  Perhaps not to you, but I'm truly amazed.  And the wonderful thing is that it really didn't bother me having something strapped around my wrist all night.  Hebe Fern
JO "Really useful, have been sleeping on an earthmat for several months and noticed a change."
Kate says: "I feel 10 years younger since I've been sleeping on an earthmat"

  "I bought one of your mats & a wrist strap a few weeks ago. My 9 months pregnant daughter found the strap really helped her to sleep better during that uncomfortable stage."

You can buy grounding equipment by going to the Paypal button at the bottom of this page. 
   If you run groups - we give talks and demonstrations on getting Earthed 

 Here is our latest Earthmat. It can be used for sitting/sleeping on. Our aim is to produce grounding facilities at a price that is affordable to most people, hence this mat (600x420ml) (23X17inches) costs just £19 P+P FREE  (UK ONLY)

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Replacement mats available £9 P+P FREE (UK) overseas please email for postage cost

We also sell grounding wrist straps £16 P+P FREE (UK) overseas please email forpostage cost

The newest addition to our grounding family' are Pain-relief pads. 4 per pack, each one resuable approx. 5 to 10 times. Particularly good for sports injuries or specific painful areas of the body. £14 P+P FREE (UK) overseas please email for postage cost

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Grounding experiment with sunflowers:


How grounding can Affect Your Blood                 By Dr. Mercola

Earthing may actually be one of the best-kept secret strategies for preventing blood clots. In its simplest terms, Earthing (or grounding your body) is what occurs when you walk barefoot upon the Earth. There is a transfer of  free electrons from the Earth to your body. And these free electrons are probably some of the most potent antioxidants known to man. These antioxidants are responsible for the clinical observations seen in Earthing experiments, such as:

Earthing has been shown to produce a number of health benefits, including decreasing pain and inflammation, improving sleep, and even slowing the aging process. One very important discovery, and one of the most recent, is that Earthing thins your blood, making it less viscous. This discovery could have profound implications for cardiovascular disease.

Virtually every aspect of cardiovascular disease has been correlated with elevated blood viscosity.

Earthing experts Dr. Stephen Sinatra and Dr. James Oschman measure blood viscosity using a method called zeta potential, which is a measure of how quickly your red blood cells migrate in an electrical field. When you ground to the earth, your zeta potential quickly rises, which means your red blood cells have more charge on their surface, forcing them away from each other.

Earthing causes your blood to flow more easily and your blood pressure to drop.

It follows then when your red blood cells become more electro native they are less inclined to stick together and form a clot. They actually repel each other similar to two magnets with the same pole.

Blood clots don't have to be very big to form a mass that could kill you instantly (such as pulmonary embolus), so this is an important part of lowering your risk for heart attack, stroke, and multi-infarct dementias, where you start losing brain tissue due to micro-clotting in your brain.



sleep safe - sleep grounded!



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