Harmonic Distance Healing

Harmonic Distance Healing

Because of the many people who ask for my help from other countries, or people who are unable to travel to my practice in Bournemouth, I am now pleased to offer Harmonic Distance Healing (DHH)

We all have a vibrational rate which changes if we become ill. As a dowser I am able to discover your frequency. As well as dowsing for the perfect instrument and pitch for your vibration I send the resulting healing harmonics on a special orgone beam to you, wherever you are. This process is repeated as many times as I am instructed by the pendulum, e.g. daily or weekly etc. By beaming the needed sound harmonics (adjusted to your correct, unique full-health vibrational frequency) a return to full health is possible. 

The wonderful, sacred tools which I use for Distance Healing include Crystal Bowls,Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Ragdung, Native American flutes, Japanese Shakuhatchi and Fujara flutes. Other helpers include Biosound Tuning Forks, Gongs, Didgeridoos, Kora and Drums. All of these instruments create healing harmonics. Again, the pendulum knows and will tell me which instruments to use to help you.

All that is needed for HDH is for you to send me a small clip of your hair and a photo of yourself.

The one-off fee is £95.

Please email:   hypnosounds@yahoo.co.uk

Or telephone 01202 423111

Contact me on 01202 423111 or email hypnosounds@yahoo.co.uk