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Question: First, can you tell me please, what is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that can be measured by the slowing down of brainwaves.
When we are fully interactional with our environment the brainwaves are at their fastest, these are known  as Beta brainwaves. When we relax or focus our attention in deep concentration they slow down to Alpha or Theta waves .These have enormous potential for life-transforming miracles.  It is here in these Alpha/Theta waves that we can create change in ourselves. The slowest waves are called Delta, not aimed at in therapy as they are usually experienced as a perfect state of bliss and in the colour purple.
In sleep, the brain ranges across all of these brainwaves, but because we are unconscious we have no experience of them. In hypnosis we are conscious and aware of our surroundings, feeling wonderfully comfortable and able to participate in whatever therapeutic process is being applied.
Question: Is it possible to get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?
No, it is not possible. However, it is important to work with someone who knows what they’re doing so choose a therapist who is qualified and insured. If they belong to a professional association or institute it is almost certain that they will meet these criteria. (e.g. Yellow Pages list the associations in the relevant sections) But never be afraid to ask!
Question: What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is using the power of altered states of consciousness to bring about desired change.
Question: What kind of therapy can be used when a person is in hypnosis?
There are many different healing techniques that can be used. Here are just a few:
Hypnoanalysis: By going back into memories, usually childhood ones, we may encounter emotional blockages that occurred in the past. By consciously exploring these we can resolve them. Sometimes we may remember happenings that we totally repressed and ‘forgot’ about, if so it is almost certain that the emotional ‘charge’ that is attached to those memories will have been causing us problems in our life. Again, by bringing them to conscious awareness we release the negative energy and our lives change.  A very powerful therapy which should only be used by a skilled therapist.  
Suggestion Therapy: Hypnosis enables the brain to be much more receptive to suggestion. In this we are re-programming the sub-conscious mind by  giving repeated well-constructed positive suggestions that are changing chronic habitual patterns. This is the process that has made ‘giving up smoking with hypnotherapy’ famous. It also works well for lack of confidence, low self-esteem, weight problems etc.
Visualisation: Is easy in hypnosis because the imagination is unhampered by the ego mind. Visualisation Is where we help the client to create a visual/audio image of the changes they desire. By including as much detail as possible in the ’picture’ we are constructing, a new ‘reality’ can replace the old, negative one. By bringing the new image to mind everyday we are re-affirming and strengthening the positive change that has been made. Once again, the power of the mind!
EFT: These letters stand for Emotional Freedom Therapy. This is where changes are made in the energy field by tapping on certain meridians, usually the face and arm. This is an extraordinary therapy which really emphasis the fact that however ‘real’ our physical being is, our energy field is where it all ‘happens’. Positive changes can be made in a very short time, usually to the astonishment of the client!

 Miss M. says: "After our first session of hypnotherapy, I felt so much better inside, calmer, stronger, more at peace, and attuned with myself. Since then, I have also been listening to your hypnotherapy and magical sounds CDs. It is probably a combination of your voice, words, and deep vibration of sounds that have a very profound physical and emotional effect on me.Physically, at the end I consciously feel a deeper energy in my body, the cells seem to wake up and tingle. Mentally, my thoughts are flat and I feel calm in my being, and I can focus better afterwards.Your work has truly a magical effect on me and beats any sleeping pills!!:-). Thank you very much Diane.  

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