My Videos

I have a collection of videos that will provide some further information about the work I do and also some great sound meditation videos which I recommend you watch and listen.


Diane Egby Edwards - Sounding the right note for Healing

Diane Egby Edwards - How I fell in love with Sound Healing

Diane Egby Edwards - Transformation with Sound Healing

Diana Cooper - Golden Atlantis

Diana Cooper - Archangel Metatron

 Here are some pictures from the Grue Demoiselle 'Shamanic Calling' workshop in Limoges:

This one is where we are locating  each persons previous lifetimes on the map of the Indian Nations


Here we are tuning in to the 'Godess' stone in Limoges (l) and (r) you see the powerful stone circle at    Grue Demoiselle Centre.










We are planning more Shamanic Workshops in the lovely Centre. We had a wonderful, very meaningful, enjoyable time ... contact me for further workshops or watch this space!



Contact me on 01202 423111 or email