Past Life Regression

Question: What does ‘past life’ and ‘re-incarnation’ mean?

As beings of light energy we enjoy exploring life in all kinds of ways. At this moment we are being human, souls in a physical body in a world of matter. We enjoy the excitement of being in human form and Earth is a perfect schoolroom for us to learn. Chances are we’ve  had hundreds, if not thousands of human lifetimes. When the physical body can no longer support the soul we 'die'

Our return to the Light is a beautiful experience. It is 'coming home'. We meet our 'group' or family of souls and our guides. There is no pain and no punishment in between lives. On reviewing  with our guide an earthlife we have just left there may be some disapproval of mistakes we've made while in a body. The whole idea is for us to grow in our understanding and ability to love. 

When we are ready to incarnate again in an Earth body we meet with our guides and teachers, whilst still in the light, to choose the parents and an earthlife that will be helpful to us on our journey of Soul developement.


Question: How can remembering past lives help me?

Past Life Regression is a very powerful therapy. In hypnosis we can explore the memories  in a safe, comfortable way with a skilled therapist who will guide and help us through painful memories from other lifetimes. If we continue to subconsiously hold onto pain from the past it clouds our perceptions of reality in the present.  Diane is one of the early pioneers in her field, she has been regressing people to past lives (PLR) and to life between lives (LBL)  for over thirty years.

 In hypnosis we are aware of the present and yet we can re-visit other times and other places. As negative emotions surface with the memories we are able to shine the light of consciousness onto them so that they are integrated, resolved and healed. And we become whole again.

Understanding comes because we ‘stand back’ and view our present life, recognising the connections with the past and how they’ve influenced us. We can clearly ‘see’ the dramas for what they are. We are all each other’s teachers and I believe that between lives we ‘contract’ with other souls to play the necessary part in their drama as they will play a part for us. And so the wheel turns.

Everything in matter has vibration. We all have a vibrational frequency (speed). As our ability to understand and love unconditionally increases so does our frequency change – until we become pure light.

Somewhere along many earthlives illusions come  between us and reality. When we drop erroneous beliefs about life and ourselves, and when you it is possible for us to love unconditionally  all that exists, we can step of the wheel of earth incarnations and continue our adventures in other dimensions.

Please note – unconditional love is not an emotion – it’s the highest energy frequency.

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