Shamanic Healing


                      Shamanic Healing


A Shaman is a healer who is able to travel into dimensions of non-ordinary reality (NOR). He may journey through Lower Earth, Middle Earth or Upper Earth (Celestial realms); he travels to bring healing to a person, or his tribe.

He/she (female Shamanka) journeys through time and space mostly using the repetitive beat of drum or rattle, which slows the brainwaves making it easier to vision and work with his spirit guides, ancestors or power animals.

When working with a person the focus will be, not on individual symptoms, but on healing the whole being. The shaman may ask you “When did you stop singing?” or “When was the last time you danced?” The shaman fully recognises the vital importance of these activities for good health to prevail.




As far as we know, most ancient tribes had a Shaman: he was the doctor, priest and magician. Usually highly respected because he could ‘go’ to places where no-one else went; he was a powerful force.




The position of shaman in the tribe would often be inherited from a long line of shaman ancestors or, as is the case now, ancient souls are incarnating into their present earthwalk with the knowledge and ability to be shaman.




The whole of nature plays a vital role in the life of a shaman, including the Earth Mother and Father Sky.

Everything has a soul: humans, animals, insects, trees, plants, and stones - everything is acknowledged and respected. 

The four directions are honoured and have their attributes. By honouring East, South, West and North every day the Shaman helps us orient ourselves on the Earth Mother. We are ‘tuning in’ and ‘connecting’.                                                       




The shaman journeys in non-ordinary reality using sound (didge,drum, rattle, voice) as, in altered states of conscuiousness, we seek healing for our patient.

Certainly our Spirit Helpers (power animals, spirit guides, ancestors) play a very prominent part in the healing. 

We are all an intrinsic part of Nature, we cannot live seperately from it and survive.


Everything that has form has consciousness. In Shamanic lore we acknowledge the Standing People (trees), the Stone People, the Earth Mother, the Sky Father and Grandfather Sun. We are all One.

As, over time, we have lost awareness and respect for nature the humans have begun to suffer. The ancient Shaman can lead them back to health and wellbeing.




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