Shamanic Healing


                      Shamanic Healing


A Shaman is a healer who is able to travel into dimensions of non-ordinary reality (NOR). He/She may journey through Lower Earth, Middle Earth or Upper Earth (Celestial realms); she travels to bring healing to a person, or her tribe.

He/she (female Shamanka) journeys through time and space mostly using the repetitive beat of drum or rattle, which slows the brainwaves making it easier to vision and work with spirit guides, ancestors or power animals.

When working with a patient the focus will be, not on individual symptoms, but on healing the whole being. The shaman may ask you “When did you stop singing?” or “When was the last time you danced?” The shaman fully recognises the vital importance of these activities for good health to prevail.





As far as we know, most ancient tribes had a Shaman: hesh (he/she) was the doctor, priest and magician. Usually highly respected because hesh could ‘go’ to places where no-one else went; hesh was a truly powerful force.


 The position of shaman in the tribe would often be inherited from a long line of shaman ancestors or, as is the case now, ancient souls are incarnating into their present earthwalk with the knowledge and ability to be a shaman.


The whole of nature plays a vital role in the life of a shaman, including the Earth Mother and Father Sky.

Everything has a soul: Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Fire people, the Water people, the Mother Earth, Father Sky, Sister Wind, the two-leggeds, the four leggeds, the creepy crawlies, the flying people, the standing people (trees), the plants, and stones, (the record-keepers of the planet) - everything is acknowledged and respected. Every 'thing' that has form has consciousness.

The four directions are honoured and have their attributes. By honouring East, South, West and North every day we orient ourselves on the Earth Mother. We are ‘tuning in’ and ‘connecting’.

Below is an email from a lovely lady who came for healing some days ago. She is happy to share the results she had after a shamanic session with me: 

"Hi Diane,
Thank you so much for the shamanic session on Tuesday!  It was completely awesome and as the days have gone by I remember more amazing parts!
 At first, that evening, I just felt very tired. In fact I slept around the clock on Tuesday night, woke up for about four hours on Wednesday, and then went back to bed Smile   Still low energy but improving with each day.
What I really notice is the sense that I am myself again. Something inside me feels ‘familiar’ and ‘full’, and I know I have not felt that way for decades.  I feel very much the way I did when I was a child, but it’s been so long that I had somewhat forgotten.  I did not know what was missing, but I recognize it now that it’s back.
The thought crossed my mind that I feel I have re-possessed myself Smile  I definitely feel a quiet confidence, a sureness about who I am and what I think and want.  Whereas for decades these feelings were exactly what I did not have. I was like a football that was kicked everywhere.
I did find time in the last couple of days to write down in my ‘journal’ about the experience, and in so doing had another realization: the trouble started at that moment which I talked about when I was 4 years old and my father came home and yelled at me. I see that as a child I concluded that any ideas I might have or anything I might like to do would lead to trouble and so I stopped trusting myself from that moment. Many life experiences seemed to ‘prove’ that conclusion, yet now I can see with perfect clarity that it was not true.  Nevertheless, for all these years, I had felt blocked or hobbled or unable to effect a change to this outlook despite the fact that sometimes I was able to see logically that it wasn’t true.  It had me in its grip, and now I feel that grip has simply evaporated. 
It is such a great feeling!!  Thank You"
The shaman journeys in non-ordinary reality using sound (didge,drum, rattle, voice) as, in altered states of conscuiousness, we seek healing for our patient.

Certainly our Spirit Helpers (power animals, spirit guides, ancestors) play a very prominent part in the healing. 

We are all an intrinsic part of Nature, we cannot live seperately from it and survive.

 By learning to acknowledge how precious and vital is our connection to nature we are taking our part in helping the great Mother - our Earth.

Do what you will - but harm none.

I am  currently teaching 'Introduction to Shamanism' courses:

Comprising four Monday evening sessions, 7.30 - 9.30pm at fortnightly intervals in Southbourne. £60 inclusive for the whole course. A £20 deposit please to book a place. The next course dates are March 18th. then 1/4 then 15/4 then 29/4       You will learn the basics of Shamanic practice including trance states, you will discover and work with your animal guides and helpers, learn to journey and lots more. Spare drums are available for trance states.

Places are limited so book early to be sure of a place.

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