Sound Healing


Sound plays a very important part in the work I do with hypnosis - I call it HYPNOSOUND.

My wonderful, sacred tools include Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Ragdung, Native American flutes, Japanese Shakuhatchi and Fujara flutes. Other helpers include Biosound Tuning Forks, Gongs, Didgeridoos and Drums. Voicework as in Chanting and Overtoning. All of these create vibrations which, when combined with the hypnotic state, become very powerful tools for healing.

We are beings of light energy, as are all beings. Every cell and organ in our bodies have their own vibrational frequency. If we could hear our own sound we would be amazed to hear a beautiful symphony, an orchestra of resonating sounds. In good health we are ‘tuned’ – body, mind and soul in perfect harmony. When we are dis-eased (emotionally or physically) the sound changes. Like the lead violinist in the orchestra playing disonant notes, we are ‘out of tune’. Instead of inner resonance we are in a state of dissonance.

During a session of Sound Healing powerful harmonics, colour and sound intervals are created for healing of body, mind and soul. Balance and harmony can be restored and  levels of health greater than ever experienced before, can be achieved. 

My purpose as a therapist is to create harmonics that can be used by the patient for healing in every way that is necessary.

Before illness manifests in the physical body it starts on the unseen energy level. This happens because the main energy centres (called chakras) are out of balance.

The chakras are spinning wheels of energy that, in a healthy body, function ‘in tune’ with each other. If one of the chakras is out of energetic alignment with the others then problems follow.


Healing usually begins by dowsing to diagnose any imbalance, which can then be rectified with the appropriate frequencies. This is a very basic first step in treatment because it makes all improvement possible. After this we proceed with hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness.

 I have a huge ‘toolbag’ of hypnotic techniques, tried and tested over many years. These, combined with powerful sound intervals provide the perfect combination for profound healing to take place.

A client writes: " I came home from Bournemouth today, having seen Diane this morning! A WELL worth it 4+ hour car journey! I have never experienced anything like that before and found it amazing and feel so much better already. I have come away with further knowledge to help me daily: Pain pockets and monkey mind! I now know what to do!"


Tuning Fork Tuition....        (Therapists only)

 Therapists - just for you! .......

One-to-one tuition in the uses of tuning forks now available.  Learn to use the forks for energy balancing, healing the body by  putting sound into the meridians, the power of sound intervals, using the forks to achieve Alpha/Theta brain waves etc. So many amazing uses.  Therapists only. Whole day. Contact Diane by email.
Distance healing with the forks.
Tuning forks on the meridians.
Sound healing with t/f. (physical and emotional)
Balancing the voice with t/f.
EMDR with t/f.
Overtoning with t/f.
Creating programmed water with t/f.
Balancing the chakras with t/f.
Relaxation techniques with t/f.
Clearing geopathic stress with t/f.
Removing psychic overlays with t/f.
Further reading re. t/f.
Tuning forks are amazing tools for healing, I usually use two or more together to create the appropriate harmonics.
 Therapist Hebe Fearn writes:It's taken me a while to get around to this, but I really wanted to contact you and thank you for the lovely day of learning and experience with tuning forks."
 Hebe goes on to say "It was a good introduction to tuning forks (I'm working on improving my dowsing!) and I really appreciated your patience, guidance and warmth (and the lovely lunch - yum!).  I now have a lovely collection of tuning forks and books. I started with just the body tuners and one of the Otto forks and a crystal tuner (I haven't used this one yet, but it should be interestng when clearing and energising crystals and gems) and have just bought a Harmonic set (I managed to get a set without the body tuners), Fibonnacci upgrade, Om tuner, Energy Tuner and DNA repair - trouble is, I want loads more to experiment with and have to stop myself getting totally carried away. This is all thanks to you, as I'd never imagined taking this route, but the more I use and learn about tuning forks the more I want to know and experience. If it wasn't for your encouragement to do a course with you I doubt very much if I'd have taken it further. I'm now totally fascinated (as if you couldn't have guessed!!)."

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