Voice Analysis and Tuning Fork Tuition

VOICE ANALYSIS...This amazing therapy is perfect for balancing and healing. It’s all about resolving unconscious, negative, emotion-driven problems. By exploring the subconscious we encounter blocked emotions which have been having a negative influence in our lives.

Traditionally, the most difficult part of healing for a therapist is to find a way into blocked emotions, Voice Analysis can be a speedy, painless way in. When traumas happen in our lives a small part of every aspect of our being tenses up. Even the voice can be affected. We may cease to use certain notes in our speaking voice because, unknown to our conscious mind, those particular sounds buried in the subconscious, are associated with the trauma. This becomes a chronic omission, causing physical/psychological problems and can even be carried over into other lifetimes.
In Voice Analysis, by defining the missing sounds, we find a pathway into the trauma area and the memories/feelings surface. By bringing them to conscious awareness we can resolve them. As unconscious material they were inaccessible, now with the re-introduction of the previously missing notes to the conscious mind the balancing process begins and every level of our being benefits.
I practice in Bournemouth, but the great news is that Skype is proving to be a really successful way to use Voice Analysis. This means that I can now provide you with Voice Analysis no matter where you are in the world.The fee for this treatment is £40 and can be paid on Paypal. If you interested in further information, please email me at hypnosounds@yahoo.co.uk  
 or phone me on   01202 423111

Contact me on 01202 423111 or email hypnosounds@yahoo.co.uk